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We offer translations from all areas and in languages of the world.

Industry-Specific Translation Projects

Specialist translation projects require not only knowledge of the language, but also familiarity with various areas of science, law, medicine, pharmaceutical industry, finance, industry and IT. In our company, such texts are prepared by translators who, apart from fluency in a given language, also possess in-depth knowledge about a specific industry.

Certified Translation

Translation of official documents (certificates, diplomas, identity documents, registration documents, documents certified by a notary or prepared in the form of a notarial deed, etc.) by a certified translator entered in the list of certified translators in a register maintained by the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Poland.

Graphic Edition

Service manuals, product catalogues and financial reports containing diagrams with descriptions and outlines are the examples of richly illustrated texts.

At the Customer’s request, we also offer preparation of graphic elements (diagrams, tables, outlines, photographs, etc.), so that the translation is fully consistent with the original document.