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Consecutive Interpreting    

The interpreters reproduces what was said after the speaker has finished talking, or regularly during breaks in the speech.

This is a typical service used during small group meetings, negotiations, trade talks, presentations and press conferences. When it is not necessary to lease interpreting equipment, consecutive translation is also used during high rank talks and meetings. Most frequently, these are visits of governmental and ministerial delegations, as well as inter-state meetings.

Simultaneous Interpreting

Simultaneous interpreting is serviced by a team of at least two interpreters (for one foreign language) in the course of which the interpreter reproduces what is said simultaneously, translating along with the speaker from a cabin, with the use of specialist equipment (microphones, headphones, etc.) and provides the content of the speech in a manner that conference participants, e.g. delegates from various countries, may listen to one speaker at the same time.

Interpreting is most often used to service international conferences, multi-lingual sessions, prestigious events, video-conferences, etc.

We also offer comprehensive conference services and provide specialist interpreting equipment.

Whispered Interpreting

This is a type of interpreting where the interpreter simultaneously reproduces, in a low voice, the speech for an individual end listener.    

Certified Interpreting

This is a form of consecutive interpreting, yet at a meeting the presence of a certified translator entered in the list of certified translators in a register maintained by the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Poland is necessary.

Such services are most often required by Registry Offices, courts or translations in notarial offices.

Interpreters who collaborate with us are top class experts, professionals with impeccable personal manner and substantive preparation, as well as persons familiar with the diplomatic protocol.